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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jeremy - Click Cards

Click cards and STAR cards

At Tauranga Intermediate School we have a new system called the click cards. Click cards are when in a day you have been good in one whole day. At the end of the day your teacher will give you 1 click but it is only the people who are not on the board.

If you get in trouble you get a verbal warning then if you do it again then you get your name on the board. If you do it again you get a cross by your name and you don't get a click on your card. If your name is on the board the teacher chooses if you get a click or not.

If you get all 40 clicks then you will get a band. You can get 3 bands If you really try hard.

They also changed the STARS card system. If you have been caught well in school you get a STARS card. When you get a STARS card you write your name on it and you go to the school library. Once you get to the library there will be boxes with different colours on them which means the houses in our school. You put your STARS card in your house box then you wait for you house hui and the leader teacher reads all the names in the box and you get a voucher. Once the leader teacher reads them they put the card back in the box and at the end of the term you can be into win one of 10 STARS jackets. Then at the end of the year Mrs Colville picks one student from the STARS box and she picks one person to win a bike.

So that is the new system for our school.

Here are the click cards and the STARS cards

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