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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jayden - 2013 Science Fair

This morning for our daily blog post we had to recall our Science Fair project from last year.

Science Fair Recount

Aim: To invent a cricket bat that shows you if you ‘middle’ it or not.

Introduction: The reason we decided to make this product is because we are two cricketers and we have trouble always middling the bat (hitting the ball in the centre of the bat) and I’m sure there are many other cricketers that have the same trouble.  We wanted to create a bat that shows you when you have hit the ball in the centre.

Possible Solution: #1 To create a bat with a tube in it with liquid and when the ball hits the button the liquid with go up and trigger the buzzer on the bat and one LED lights up on the top of the bat.

#2 We could paint the cricket bat black and then smother the ball in chalk and then we would see where we hit the ball, however there is not much technology involved in this so we decided not to do it.

It will need:
Logo sticker(fluro yellow C*J).
Wood(english willow) .
Grip(fluro yellow tape grip).
black paint.
pressure switches x4


Conclusion: We had made our finished product and hope you like it.

The things I did well are Cameron and myself completed our exhibit by ourselves, with no help and we came first out of all the Year 7s.

The thing we did badly were that we were a bit confused because we had planned to do something then the other person would do it and it got really confusing.

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