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Friday, 11 April 2014

Hamish C - About Khan Academy

We often use Khan Academy videos for our learning but we didn't really know anything about this site. Today Miss C got us to watch this 60 Minutes article about Khan Academy. We had to take notes then write up our information.

Salman Khan is an innovator of education what did he do? you ask. What he did was he made Khan Academy a world famous education site sponsored by Bill Gates and Google with 15 million dollars in funding.

Khan Academy started in 2004 when Salman's cousin was having trouble with algebra so he made videos on YouTube for her but then other people started to watch the videos and started to ask for more lessons on different things like standard form and basic addition.

4 years later he has over 4 million subscribers and changing schools every where thanks to his website/channel and yet he still says he will never make price for Khan Academy.

Here is the video:

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