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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Room 42 book created during our Art Gallery visit and lesson

Book titled 'The Little Beasts' Feast'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Room 42's How to Videos

Jessie, Leka, & Jeremy - How to take care of your laptop

 Sophia, Jayden, & Renee - How to survive social

 Christine & Sian - How to be a good friend

 Megan, Marieka, Hannah & Joy - How to survive Cross Country

 Kaidin, Matthew & Jordan - How to be cool

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jeremy - Click Cards

Click cards and STAR cards

At Tauranga Intermediate School we have a new system called the click cards. Click cards are when in a day you have been good in one whole day. At the end of the day your teacher will give you 1 click but it is only the people who are not on the board.

If you get in trouble you get a verbal warning then if you do it again then you get your name on the board. If you do it again you get a cross by your name and you don't get a click on your card. If your name is on the board the teacher chooses if you get a click or not.

If you get all 40 clicks then you will get a band. You can get 3 bands If you really try hard.

They also changed the STARS card system. If you have been caught well in school you get a STARS card. When you get a STARS card you write your name on it and you go to the school library. Once you get to the library there will be boxes with different colours on them which means the houses in our school. You put your STARS card in your house box then you wait for you house hui and the leader teacher reads all the names in the box and you get a voucher. Once the leader teacher reads them they put the card back in the box and at the end of the term you can be into win one of 10 STARS jackets. Then at the end of the year Mrs Colville picks one student from the STARS box and she picks one person to win a bike.

So that is the new system for our school.

Here are the click cards and the STARS cards

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Renee - Probability word Match Up

This term we are working on Probability. We worked out that Probability is part of the Statistics strand because when you are working out probability you are counting events, collecting data and probably graphing your results. We started by thinking about how you can use words to show probability. We had to go to this site and make a probability word match up and think of our own events to match the words. Try my match up:

Match up quiz

1.Impossiblea. I will eat tomorrow after school
2.unlikelyb. unicorns in my backyard
3.even chancec. I am going to talk to my cat tomorrow
4.likelyd. I will have a shower tonight
5.certaine. I will get heads when I flip a coin


Jayden - Spinny Thing Instructions

Today Miss C demonstrated how to make a paper object. We had to observe her and take notes. We then had to make the object and write a set of instructions. She had a secret list of 10 criteria she was looking for in our instructions. Once we had finished our instructions, she gave us the list and we had to buddy mark to see if we met the criteria. The criteria were:
- title
- list of equipment
- instructions fit onto one page only
- diagrams
- the diagrams are beside the relevant step
- there is an image of the finished product
- instructions are numbered
- the instructions are correct and are in order
- the sentences mostly start with bossy verbs
- instructions give enough detail but not too complex

Marijke - Analogy Poem


Einstein working rapidly
Solving equations
One by one

On his own
swift as a ninja
As smart as a database

Equable, baffled, focused
setting his priorities straight
His brilliance equivalent to a computer.

Oliver - Analogy Poem


Camera like a eye
nosey as a secret agent
fast and unforgiving
observant at its maximum velocity

glistening silver earrings
shining bright in
the moonlight as they
spy on predators
like a master mind maniac

Quinn - Analogy Poem


guard of the headlands
resilient, hefty
charging challengers
patrolling his territory
Iron rivets keeping its steel body from shattering.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Storm - Basic Programming with Java

On Friday Miss C introduced us to the basic computer programming tutorials on Khan Academy. We are learning to program which is both useful and fun. Some of us want to be computer programers.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jayden - 2013 Science Fair

This morning for our daily blog post we had to recall our Science Fair project from last year.

Science Fair Recount

Aim: To invent a cricket bat that shows you if you ‘middle’ it or not.

Introduction: The reason we decided to make this product is because we are two cricketers and we have trouble always middling the bat (hitting the ball in the centre of the bat) and I’m sure there are many other cricketers that have the same trouble.  We wanted to create a bat that shows you when you have hit the ball in the centre.

Possible Solution: #1 To create a bat with a tube in it with liquid and when the ball hits the button the liquid with go up and trigger the buzzer on the bat and one LED lights up on the top of the bat.

#2 We could paint the cricket bat black and then smother the ball in chalk and then we would see where we hit the ball, however there is not much technology involved in this so we decided not to do it.

It will need:
Logo sticker(fluro yellow C*J).
Wood(english willow) .
Grip(fluro yellow tape grip).
black paint.
pressure switches x4


Conclusion: We had made our finished product and hope you like it.

The things I did well are Cameron and myself completed our exhibit by ourselves, with no help and we came first out of all the Year 7s.

The thing we did badly were that we were a bit confused because we had planned to do something then the other person would do it and it got really confusing.

Tyler - Studyladder Spelling

Storm - Spelling City

Sophia - Spelling Bee

Sian - adjectives poem


angry, annoying

struts, sleeps, sits



Megan - How to Spell Site

Marieka - Spelling City

Jack - How to make a Nutella sandwich

Hamish C - How to write Chinese Characters

Friday, 11 April 2014

Jayden, Hannah & Derek - Student Led Conferences

Jayden - Digital Dialects Language Site

Jack - PinYin

As follow up to our 4th lesson with Yang Laoshi, we had to install PinYin language tool onto our laptops and learn to type in characters using pinyin. Here is my introduction to my family using characters.

My Family in Mandarin


I have 爸爸
I have 妈妈
I have 妹妹
I have 弟弟


I have 1 Dad.
I have 1 Mum.
I have 1 younger sister.
I have 1 younger brother.

Harrison & Tyler - Reading of a favourite poem

For Reading, we are currently studying poetry. For this task, we had to read poems on this site for 10 minutes.

Then we had to research to find 4 tips for reading poetry aloud.
Here are our tips:
1. Present yourself well and use good posture.
2. Look confident.
3. Use eye contact with the audience.
4. Make yourself familiar with the poem.

 Then we made a recording of a favourite.
 Grown Out Of by Tony Mitton

Christina - Sketch Art for the story The Black Ribbon

On this day we had to read the story The Black Ribbon and create a visual image of a significant moment in the story. This is Christina's image of the moment the husband cut the ribbon. Christina used SumoPaint.
The Black Ribbon
Long ago, a young man met and fell in love with a beautiful young woman. She was always dressed exquisitely and she always wore a black ribbon around her neck. Soon the man and the woman were married and moved into a little cottage by the sea. They started out very happily, but soon the young man became more and more curious as to why his wife wore a ribbon around her neck all the time. One day he decided to ask her. The only answer he received was that he would be sorry if she took it off, so she would not take it off. The young man was not happy with his wife's answer. Time passed and eventually all he could think about was that black ribbon. One day, he awoke before his wife, went into her sewing box and got a pair of scissors, and cut off the ribbon that was around her neck. His wife woke up with a start. Her head fell off and rolled onto the floor while the woman screamed "I told you you'd be sorry!".

Hamish C - About Khan Academy

We often use Khan Academy videos for our learning but we didn't really know anything about this site. Today Miss C got us to watch this 60 Minutes article about Khan Academy. We had to take notes then write up our information.

Salman Khan is an innovator of education what did he do? you ask. What he did was he made Khan Academy a world famous education site sponsored by Bill Gates and Google with 15 million dollars in funding.

Khan Academy started in 2004 when Salman's cousin was having trouble with algebra so he made videos on YouTube for her but then other people started to watch the videos and started to ask for more lessons on different things like standard form and basic addition.

4 years later he has over 4 million subscribers and changing schools every where thanks to his website/channel and yet he still says he will never make price for Khan Academy.

Here is the video:

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sophia - Chinese Online

Renee & Sophia - Washing the car

Renee & Marieka - Toasted Sandwiches

Christine - Scrambled Eggs

Leka - Emptying the dishwasher

Leka - Smoothie

Oliver - PB&J Sandwich

Oliver - Te Reo Maori

Leka - Papatuanuku

Leka wrote this poem herself using Awa by Greg O'Connell as a model. The poem had to have the same structure and language features as Awa.

Leka - Learn Japanese using JOL

Joy - How to use Babbel to learn German